Friday, March 28, 2008

Steps to obtain free credit report

Normally you have to pay between $5 and $10 to retrieve credit report, but if you meet any of the following criteria, you may be eligible to receive a free copy of your report from any of the three credit report agencies (Equifax, Experian - formerly TRW - and Trans Union). I know it’s hard but take a quick look over these steps:

Step 1:
Determine if you meet any of the following criteria:

Step 2:
You are unemployed and plan to seek employment within 60 days;

Step 3:
You are on welfare;

Step 4:
You believe there is an inaccuracy in your credit file due to fraud;

Step 5:
You can show that you've been denied credit, insurance, employment or rental housing based on information in your credit file;

Step 6:
You can show that you have suffered an "adverse action," such as a reduction in the credit line on a credit card or an unexpected increase in the interest rate on a credit card.

Step 7:
If you meet any one of the above criteria, you qualify for a free credit report.

Step 8:
Contact one or more of the three credit bureaus and request a free report. Each bureau has different guidelines for ordering free reports. If you think your situation is complicated or needs clarification, call the toll-free number provided by the bureau.

Step 9:
If you have any questions about your legal rights, please consult the Fair Credit Reporting Act (

I think by following above mentioned steps sequentially one could easily receive free credit report.